I’m not looking for something safe.

I’m looking for something firey.

I want that burning sensation- that spark of intense longing. That obsession; that addiction and infatuation of something stronger- something more. 

Something that shakes off your rabid rationality. That sort of irrationality and reasoning growing off your bones. 

I don’t want something normal.

I want something insanely abnormal. Where you and I are so in love that we can watch the whole world burn and still be content. Where you and I are stuck in the black hole of abyss yet we are still one and still so, so in love that it all doesn’t matter.

And Yet,

And Yet, you’re still you. 

So rational. So safe. So comprehensively normal.

So still. Never changing. Always present. Always waiting. 

And yet,

You’re still you. 

And I’m still me.

Two dots carved from opposite regions. 

Are we just laying here hoping for something more? 

Is my beating heart somewhere outside?

Or is it hidden somewhere underneath your many layers.

Show me the way. 

I just can’t take this anymore. 

I want something more:.


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