“Does the earth revolve around the sun?”

“No,” she replies. 

“Does life end once the heart, mind, and spirit stops functioning?”

“No,” he replies.

“Is it a sin to break the twelve commandments?”

“No,” they reply. 

“Tell me, how can I trust when all you say are lies.” 


There are two pairs of shoes when there is only a need for one.  

The next chapter is not a continuation of the first. 

Beetles travel in packs- except during the windiest of days.  

The big toe is painted a darker shade of red compared to the second toe from the right.

My heart speaks the language of tongues. My eyes seek the presence of nonexistent scripts. 

My mind cannot be contained. 

I will not proceed.  She will not proceed.  We will not proceed. 

The nights are cold, but the seventh night will be coldest.